Seven Come Eleven – Charlie Christian Guitar Solo and Head – Standard Notation and TAB

Here is where so much jazz guitar comes from. We (jazz guitarists and the whole universe) are seriously indebted to Charlie Christian. Really study this one, notice how it sits on chords shapes. Memorize and play along, it’s zippy!¬†Written in Standard Notation and TAB. Of course, other fingerings are possible, and depending upon how you play, advised. Try them out. (Advantage: Note readers.;p)

Some fingerings might have other options. I’ve also included Benny Goodman’s great lead line for the bridge during the head, you want this, trust me. Also, I’ve included the background riff, played by piano and bass at the beginning of the song. (note: Pianist plays wrong note the first time through, but no other time during the piece. So, the end of the figure is Ab.)

You should already own this track, if you don’t, go get it. Buy it, don’t steal it, c’mon, man.
You can also listen on the youtube.

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and, as always, without further ado….

Seven Come Eleven Charlie Christian Solo Notation and Tab